Have you ever imagined tracking your employee’s work even when they are not in your on-site workplace? Do you want to know the reason behind the ups and downs in your company? Do you ever want to know how sincere and dedicated your employees are? Want to know if your employees are productive enough?

It is possible to get the answers to all these questions. Yes, it is possible by using productivity tracker software that can give you every detail of your employee work even if they are working from home in this pandemic situation. You can track your employees every activity they do in their system during working hours. By calculating productive hours and awarding them for their sincerity, you can boost up their confidence and make them more productive.

Here in this article, we will have a clear note of productivity tracking software that will help you out for the needs of your organization. Let us experience the reasons that consider EmpMonitor best for all the businesses out there.


In simple words, EmpMonitor is a software that can track records of employee’s daily work from anywhere at any time. Through this, you can know about your employee’s sincerity towards their job. It can also inform you whether the employee is doing a work-related task or any personal task on their laptop or pc even if they are working from home, office, restaurant, or anywhere at any place. Through these records, you can calculate the total productive hours of an employee in a day. You can also have the productive hours of the employees for the past 180 days.



Employees’ productive hours is directly proportional to the company profit rate. When employees become more productive, the company will get more profits. At times, fewer employees were working in an organization where manually managing them was not difficult.

But today, it is a challenge for employers to track the work of employees during their office hours. Keeping an eye on every employee’s monitor is unfeasible. So it is a smart decision to install this monitoring software that makes your work from a single desk.

EmpMonitor tracks the productive hours of the employees by detecting their work and inputs from the login time until log out time. Along with productivity, it can also analyze the effectiveness and focus with insightful charts for the individuals, teams, and the entire organization.

It’s graphic and the detailed reports will provide you with all-time monitoring of the employee productivity workflow of the company. You can know the most productive working day of your company through a productivity tracker that you can adjust the date and view the results.


Once you install the EmpMonitor in your system, you can track your employees in many ways. The smartest and easy way is the screenshot captures. The admin has the right to make changes in the settings. The time interval will set in which the screenshot will be clicked automatically by the software. The time interval starts from 15 seconds, where you can change it accordingly.

If you want to keep an eye on an employee, you can have hidden screenshots of working hours every 15 seconds so that at the end of the month, you can have the detailed report(all the screenshots) of work in that particular month. It is possible due to the algorithm that is inbuilt in this software.


The internet has become the basic need of humans after food. Without the internet, nothing is possible. Employees have permission to use the internet to make the best out of their work. But when the employees use this advantage to makeout their plans, visit websites that can harm your system or another useless website for entertainment, it is the responsibility of the employers to stop them, not manually but with this software.

Through productivity tracker software, you can have a detailed report on the URL visited websites that the employees are using for their work during office hours. You can have their recent searches or the web history of the last 180 days so that you can check whether the employee is using internet services for official tasks or any other personal task. Through this report, you can find out where the production team is spending their time and where the unproductive team is wasting their time on the internet.


Another feature is, you can track what your employee is typing on the keyboard. Every input is recorded, by the software and logged for further view. If you want, you can have a detailed report of the keyboard inputs of the employee for the past 180 days. Through this report, you can know your employee every input in a particular program or any window.


We can somehow cheat humans, not machines. It shows the output according to the given input. Attendance is a bigger problem when it comes to managing them manually. A person cannot manage attendance manually when the employee count is more than 5000.

Here the EmpMonitor takes care of your problem and manages the login and logout time of the employees. When the employees start their work, they send a login email to the respective email where as soon as their work is complete, they send a logout mail. It creates a sheet of employee attendance that will help you to know the most sincere employee of your company. Even employees can check their attendance at the end of every month through this software.


Another feature of this software is, it tracks the applications that are used by the employees when they are working during office hours. Sometimes there may be some problem that arises due to the installation of a few applications in the system that carry viruses. These can be detected when there will be a list of applications used by the employees. Through this, you can track the applications that can damage the system and take necessary actions against it.


This software has a very user-friendly dashboard. Through a single dashboard, the authorized person can check the details of the employees like login and logout time, email monitoring, file transfers to an unknown location, notifications along the productive and non-productive hours. He can also view the neutral hours of the employees and the time he has wasted during the productive hours.


Features of the employee monitor make our task easy. The authorized employer having access to check the employee every detail can also give access to other trustworthy people who can also view those details. When a team is working on a project, the authorized person should be the team manager. The team manager can give this access to the team leader who can view how efficiently their employees are working and who are wasting their time. It will increase the productivity of the employees.


Employees can do various illegal activities that can harm the company. So to stop this, EmpMonitor managed threat detection. When any activities like working after the office hours, emailing company details to unknown sources, transferring files, downloading websites that can crash the system, etc. happen, EmpMonitor alerts the authorized person so that these processes can stop immediately. When this software alerts you when something wrong happens, then the employees will have a fear of doing evil work and concentrate on their official tasks. It will increase the productivity of the employees.


Nowadays, employees are working remotely. So the EmpMonitor calculates the amount of money that needs to be paid to the employee, according to their productive hours. So a justified payment can be done to the employees without any hesitation. Employees cannot complain as they can have the sheet of their attendance and the productive hours through this software.


IP whitelisting is a security feature often used for limiting and controlling access only to authorized users who can access employee details through EmpMonitor. IP whitelisting allows you to create lists of trusted IP addresses or IP ranges from which your users can access your domains.


EmpMonitor, when installed in the device, starts working from that time itself until the device is put it shut. It works silently behind the desktop without the knowledge of the employees, unless and until you want them to know that they are being monitored. Therefore there is no distraction for the employees. This software is invisible in the program list and is not visible in the taskbar. It works as productivity tracker on the employee desktop without any disturbance. Even the employees cannot stop from being monitored. As the employees are unknown of being monitored, they will never misuse their productive hours hence making them more productive.


The data collected from different sources is required to be updated in a safe place that will be accessible to some people. So EmpMonitor is cloud-based monitoring software. All the data collected will be saved in the cloud. There are no issues regarding data storage.


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From the above discussion, it is clear that the all in one solution for all your management problems is the productivity tracker software of the EmpMonitor. With these features, you can easily handle your employees and their work with increasing productivity. You will not have to keep an eye on every single employee manually. Be smart enough to use EmpMonitor and track your employees from a single dashboard.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you like my article. Still, if you have any doubt, feel free to ask me. I would love to hear from you.

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