7+ Tools To Help You Track Productivity Of Remote Employees

6 min readApr 1, 2020

As the spread of coronavirus is increasing rapidly, work from home is the new reality brought into existence for most of the IT workers all over the world.

With more than 7,24,000 people infected with coronavirus all over the world, big and small tech companies are shutting their doors to minimize the virus spread and making their employees work from home. Here is the time, when the employers face the biggest challenge, i.e. keeping your remote employees productive and engaging.

Are you tired of using a run of productivity measurement tools for remote workers that don’t give desired results?

When it comes to productivity, one cannot excel without being at the top of the game. Every employer or entrepreneur knows the value of various productivity measurement tools that help in monitoring employee productivity. From increasing their productivity to managing their work done, these tools will help in tracking the productivity of remote employees.

To make things easier for you, I have made a list of the ultra-modern, must have employee monitoring software.

Best Employee Productivity Monitoring Software:


If you are aiming to get a better employee engagement, then you should definitely give a try to EmpMonitor. This software will let you check the productivity ratio of the employees and also helps in managing your employee’s activities.

Can’t decide whether this software is the best? Start your free trial instantly.

It provides you various chances to keep your company ahead of other companies in terms of employee productivity. Empmonitor helps you to check the effectiveness, analyze productivity, and focus on insightful charts for teams, individuals, and the entire organization. Take a look at some of the outstanding features.

EmpMonitor is a cloud-based employee monitoring software that is deployed in the employee’s system to check the productivity hours of their employees.

It helps employers to know about real-time employee activities.

EmpMonitor constantly operates in the backdrop and tracks all sorts of activities like keystrokes, screen monitoring, etc.

Thus, change the way you track your employee productivity and stay ahead of other companies using EmpMonitor.


Your employees are the company’s greatest assets.

DeskTime can help you gain complete insights into your employee productivity based on several parameters.

It helps management to categorize applications as productive, unproductive and neutral to gauge how productive every employee in the organization. The program also enables agencies to keep track of billable hours among their workers. It’s a perfect technology for any enterprise.


Trello — employee productivity management software is the next big thing on this list.

As an employer, you should straight away use this cloud-based software to know employee engagement.

You can keep can teams in line, by using a cloud-based board to coordinate tasks. By getting out of the inbox it is simple to build new boards for various business functions and to handle processes more effectively.


It is one such tool that doesn’t require any introduction.

Many leading companies are already using this software. It is a Simple yet powerful employee work tracker with screenshots, timesheets, billing, in-depth reports, and more.

Like various other employee monitoring software, it encourages the team members to keep tabs about how they actually spend their time and gives you the ability to generate reports on their ongoing progress. You can also use it to track GPS staff, and monitor how they are using devices and accessing the web.


Experience easy and hassle-free employee monitoring with ActivTrak. It lets you monitor the behavior of your employees on virtually every computer you have installed. It is absolutely invisible when you activate the software and will give you daily reports and screenshots of the actions of the employees.


If you want to try something new and exciting, ProofHub may be just what you’re looking for. It offers an interactive interface that allows one to manage remote teams to keep a check on work productivity.

ProofHub offers tools to support project planning, communicate with team leaders, clients, and suppliers, and provide a bird’s eye view of current projects for managers to get a clear understanding of what’s going on around their team. It runs in the cloud, so there is no software to install. Hence, it makes it easy and convenient to access from wherever you work.


Todoist is unlike other employee productivity monitoring software that you have used in the past.

It’s a software that keeps us up-to-date with everything from the little items that can escape our minds to the activities that we perform every day. Team assignments, activities, custom-labeled projects are identified with deadlines and timely activities are monitored for productivity. The greatest benefit is that any platform we use is cross-compatible. Also, they’re in the cloud, you can digitally access the platform on any computer, wherever you may be.


Asana is an effective tracking program that enables us to track their time so that we can better manage our budget. With the aid of its wonderful feature called Harvest Timer, you can be in the loop on how much time you spend on each of the day’s tasks.

Tasks can be assigned individually and monitored in real-time, and in terms of our projects, we are all in the loop. This allows teams to deal with any problem immediately, which helps keep both clients and employees happy.


From tracking employee productivity of remote employees to boosting their productivity ratio to gain desired results, these above-mentioned productivity measurement tools certainly help in meeting the employer’s requirements.

As a manager or company owner, you should always keep a check for new productivity management and measurement tools. This way you can help your business to gain desired results even while your employees are working remotely.

What are the tools which you consider using? What other tools should be added to the list? Do share in the comments section below.

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