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Building a strong team where everyone can thrive in the same direction should be the motto of every organization. Even if you have a group of talented individuals, without developing team culture in your business, it would be difficult to bring out their best performance.

Especially because of the increasing number of remote working opportunities, team-building exercises have lessened. Nowadays, we won’t see many people in the office having interactions and watercooler conversations. To bring back the teamwork in the organization, you have to explore new ways to communicate and enhance collaboration activities with your employees.

But first, you need to understand how to develop collaboration with hybrid and remote working teams.


According to Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, author of the book- Remote: Office Not Required.

“You don’t need everyone physically together to create a strong team culture. The best cultures derive from actions people actually take”.

Even when employees work remotely but if they can efficiently collaborate and engage in their work together, having a common goal in their mind, then they can bring out their best team efforts.

Due to the technology, you can say that to a certain extent, now it has become possible to nurture team culture even with remote work. There is no denying that because of the sudden change in the work environment, the management does not have enough time to implement cultural team bonding activities. And that may even affect the employee work engagement.

Let’s understand more:


Strong Team Culture

  • In teamwork, employees have the insurance that someone is there to support or guide them when they face any issue regarding their work.
  • When an individual performs well in a team, their work will be appreciated by other team members. It gives them a sense of achievement and encourages them to further improve their performance.
  • If a team works together with having a single goal in their mind, it definitely helps them to improve their overall productivity. It helps them to be more efficient so that they can timely deliver their tasks even before reaching the deadlines.
  • In a vibrant and engaged team culture, it becomes easier for people to explore their creativity. And it helps them to be more efficient and productive in their work.
  • People who interact in social activities can easily adapt to the situation depending on their work. They are always ready to volunteer themselves for team collaboration activities. Team members with such qualities are more efficient in their work, and they also help others become more productive.

So here we will show you the ways to develop a teamwork culture in your organization.



If an employee has become a part of your organization, it already shows that he/she is part of a team now. Put an emphasis on improving the interactive team activities that would help you enhance communication between your employees.

Even in the current scenario where most employees work remotely, communication seems to be quite a challenge. Nowadays, most companies are relying on technology and using virtual collaboration tools like- Zoom and Slack to interact with their employees.

But the critical part in developing the right synergy in your team is how effectively they can share their thoughts and ideas to support each other. And also, make sure to reduce conflicts and miscommunication in your workforce.


The basic problem with remote work is that most front-line employees don’t interact much with their team leader. Under the hierarchy, such rank-and-file employees can’t showcase their performance. And because of not enough recognition from the team leader, their performance may derail. And it would definitely affect the overall productivity of your team.

In a company, every individual’s efforts are accountable for the overall growth of the business. To introduce that accountability in your organization, make sure to provide equal opportunities and appreciation to each and every team member.

With the EmpMonitor employee monitoring solution, it becomes feasible for employers to recognize the work performance and achievements of every single employee in their firm. So they can accordingly appreciate the efforts of every individual in the team and encourage others to produce better results.


When you have better communication within your team, it will help you to improve team bonding. As we know that with the right synergy and collective efforts, a team can achieve tremendous results in a short span of time only. If your employees actively collaborate and support each other, then the barrier gap due to being distant apart couldn’t affect your productivity.

In the current scenario, team culture is evolving and becoming more dynamic. People can even learn and develop their skills while interacting with their colleagues. And also, by taking examples from others, they can learn new things. It enhances the overall creativity and adaptability of employees within a flexible work culture. That is actually quite good considering productivity as a parameter.


The team culture of your business mainly depends on the core values of your organization. While defining these values for your team, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the vision of your organization?
  • Are your core values contributing towards the visions and goals of your organization?
  • Have you been looking for some special team qualities in the people you hire?
  • What are the things that you expect from your team?

Depending on the answers to these questions, you may think of certain rules and policies for your workforce. And according to that, there might even be some activities that you won’t tolerate in your organization. While managing these businesses, you need to make these rules according to the values of your organization.

EmpMonitor behavior monitoring features allow you to take central control of your team and monitor the insider activities that may disturb your work culture. It has an alert-based mechanism, which triggers a notification email to the admin when someone in your team does not obey the rules or policies in your firm.


Do you expect a lot from your team? As an employer, everyone wants to hire the most capable employees in their firm. But in reality, a unicorn employee is just an imaginary thing. Yes, there might be some employees who may have some exceptional professional skills. On the other hand, there will be some employees who may perform quite well or somewhat average.

In such a case, it is important to make the right expectation from your team and if they can maintain accountability, reward them for their great effort. It wouldn’t not only help you to gain better productivity but also help employees develop their professional skills.

Based on your expectations, the team culture would grow to give their most effort for achieving goals. But you also need to make sure not to over-pressurize them with too much work burden on their shoulders, as it may even backfire into productivity loss.


Before steering your team towards the business goals and work activities, you should also improve communication with them on a personal level. Informal meetings are the best way for employers to relate with their employees and show that they have the best interest of employees in their hearts. As an employer, you should make yourself part of the team and help them in every possible way. That will also help you win the trust of your employees, and it would positively influence the productivity in your firm as well.


The job of a great team leader or an employer is to take care of their team as well. A good team culture forms, where everyone is accountable and responsible about their work. That makes caring also an important part of the job. If you and your team are progressive and helping by nature, it will help you generate more productivity. On the other hand, you would be able to retain your most efficient employees. And it would also influence and encourage newly hired employees to give their best efforts toward the interest of the business.


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As you can see, creating a strong team culture depends on so many things. If you have transparency in your work environment, with proper collaboration and team activities, then team building is not an issue for you. However, you still need to be certain about some insiders who may not easily become part of your team. And they may also disrupt your teamwork.

With the EmpMonitor employee monitoring solution, you can keep track of such activities and ensure safety in the work culture. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and have gained some insights also. In case you have any queries, please mention them in the comments below.

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