In the corporate world, every employer talks about enhancing employee productivity at the workplace. But have you ever reached into depth to check what it truly means? What is the right way to calculate employee productivity? And is it even correct to measure the productive hours of the employees?

Employee productivity holds various aspects and the companies need to measure it appropriately. One of the simplest ways to increase productivity is to encourage the team by rewarding them with performance incentives based on their excellent work.

There is a significant advantage of tracking the working hours of the employees with a tool like EmpMonitor. It can keep a check on the productivity of each employee separately. The employee monitoring software is renowned for providing detailed reports of productivity. Hence, you can view the active and ideal hours of your employees whenever required.

The employers can track the working hours and projects accomplished by the employee each day. Again, the tool provides a list of the top-performing employees. Hence, these employees can set the benchmark for others and encourage them to work accordingly towards their goals.

You must have already analyzed that EmpMonitor is the perfect tool to monitor your employees. So, let us have a look at the productivity metrics that get used in measuring employee performance at work.


Let us start by understanding how you can effectively monitor the productivity of employees at the workplace.

The first step is to measure the output of a task on which the employee is working. Again we can set a period to calculate the results. Hence, after the regular intervals, you can come back and check on the reports. So, if you are using EmpMonitor, it provides you detailed records of each employee’s activities. Hence, you can get your hands on the productivity reports of each employee individually.

Again, based on your preference of productive and unproductive websites and applications, EmpMonitor dispenses a report. Combining all these data, you can check on your top 10 productive and unproductive employees at regular intervals.

So, with all the information, you can set a benchmark for the employees of your team.


Analyzing productivity metrics is pretty essential for your employees. The reason is we all understand the importance of feedback in the workplace. It helps the employees to improve their performance in the fields they are lagging in. Again, the employers should also appreciate the employees for being the best in other areas.

Hence, it is great for an employee to understand and recognize their strengths and weaknesses. It will help them work appropriately in the right direction.

But providing feedback right away without any data would make no sense. The reason is your team might think the decisions get taken under personal circumstances and judgments. And if it happens, it will have negative impacts on your employees.

Let me give you an example. If you often see an employee taking breaks, talking to his/her colleagues, or spending time making coffee for the team, you might conclude that he/she is not up to the mark. But in reality, they might be the most hard-working employees on your team. And taking breaks might help them get freshened up to work even more enthusiastically.

Hence, judging an employee without the help of productivity metrics can often go wrong.

Hence, productivity metrics also include capturing the screenshots of the workstation of the employees. It is an indispensable way to review the performance of your employees. With EmpMonitor, you can get detailed insights into your employee’s work. You get to adjust the interval, after which the tool will capture the screenshot automatically.

The screenshot monitoring features provide a detailed report of the work furnished by the particular employee throughout the working hours. Hence, you can utilize this information to understand the capability of each employee of your team. So, you can divide the workload accordingly to help them work in a better way.


To know more about the advantages of your company, consider some of the other productivity metrics.

Check the value of a project and also the contribution of each employee to accomplish the task. Hence, in the end, you can recognize the efforts of each employee to get the job done. Accordingly, you can calculate the amount of work done by an employee. You can also understand the loss that the company has to bear if they lose any team member.

Combining all the expenses of your employees while completing the task is what workforce cost is all about. It gives you a detailed report of the expenditure of your team while accomplishing the project. Hence, you can make the necessary decisions after looking at it.

It is one of the most influential productivity metrics that shows the strength of the employees in a company. Keep a check on the profit margin of your company when your team spends on furnishing a project. And it is not a factor of time. It simply shows the employee efficiency of your entire team.

Do not stick to a single strategy while taking a new task under consideration. When your company is getting its hands on a new project with a different client and other resources and technologies, try out various approaches. It will make sure that you are using the right employees who can yield desired output more profitably.


During working hours, the employees do not work on a single project. There are other urgent assignments, learning new technologies, helping out other team members, and attending meetings which takes much of their time. Hence, calculating employee productivity through manual methods is an inappropriate way.

With EmpMonitor, you can get the reports on exactly what your employee is doing throughout the working hours. Hence, you rest assured that your employees are not sitting idle. It also shows the timing for which the system was left inactive, and no task got performed on the keyboard through the keystroke logging feature.

Hence, your employees can pay equal attention to all the tasks coming their way. And they do not need to overlook small tasks to accomplish the more significant ones.


Productivity metrics are anyway essential for your team. The reason is if you get detailed insights into the project, the resources provided to your team, and the time taken by your employees to accomplish it. It will benefit in increasing the productivity of your business as it shows the efficiency of your employees.

Again, if some employees set the benchmark of remaining productivity, it straight away encourages your other employees to work accordingly.

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When it comes to measuring your employee efficiency with the help of productivity metrics, it is good to have a word with your team. Let them understand the need to calculate their productivity at the workplace. And how these metrics can help them achieve more in less time.

Again, as we have introduced you to one of the best employee monitoring software that is EmpMonitor, make them realize how uncomplicated it is to track the productivity metrics with this extraordinary tool.

It is necessary to discuss the entire thing with your team because they might have clear ideas regarding productivity metrics. The reason is if you believe that you have the best team, then why not involve them and get their point of view on this.

Productivity metrics are the best way to get insights related to the project on which your employees are working. Hence, it can help motivate your team to work more efficiently to achieve the company goals.

So, when you are planning to invest in software, go for something more advanced like EmpMonitor. It provides detailed reports of screenshot monitoring, keystroke logging, website application usage, and attendance monitoring. Hence, you remain aware of your employee activities throughout the working hours.

The tool does everything automatically once the software gets installed in the system. Hence, your employees do not have to do anything manually. They can effectively focus on their job, and everything gets recorded in stealth mode behind the computer screens.

So, it is high time your team pays attention to the productivity metrics. And as measuring productivity is the most necessary aspect, EmpMonitor can be your best buddy at tracking your employees.

I hope the article helped you know about the productivity metric. Is there something that we can incorporate? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!

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