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It has been a few months since the release of the covid-19 vaccination, where people stepped outside without fear. But unfortunately, the second wave of the virus is on the path of destruction. So, it is a request to all my readers not to step outside unless there is an emergency. Safety is in our hands!

Stay-at-home orders passed by the government have brought the employers to a circle surrounded by challenges- especially for the employers who are implementing work from home culture for the first time. Many employers are facing difficulties to get their businesses run after they implemented remote work.

Here in this blog, we will walk through the challenges faced by the employers during remote staff management and dig out the solutions for it. Also, we will discuss the best employee monitoring tool that will help employers to overcome the challenges. Let us first know about staff management.


Staff management or remote staff management is the process where employers try to make the underperforming employees perform well and achieve bigger goals of the organization. The staff management process undergoes three key areas-


This process includes finding deserving candidates and hiring them.


In this process, make sure that your employees are happy and more productive. For this, you should understand their needs and requirements and immediately work on them.


This process is about measuring the performance level of the employees and giving them reviews for more development in their work process. You can reward them for their sincerity towards their work.

Now let us see the challenges employers are facing during remote staff management.



When we usually work in the traditional office premises, the managers easily identify the progress on it. They discuss the problems which you face during the execution of your work and find the solution instantly. But this is not so easy with remote staff management.

The productivity of the remote employees depends on their sincerity and seriousness towards their work. If working hours are the priority of you and your team, there is no need to check productivity regularly.

If the employees are working hard, it will reflect in their success. Then let them go with their flow. But this does not mean that you should not have regular checks. It is just about not worrying so much when your employees yield high productivity.


Out of different modes of communication, it is not easy to choose one for your organization. Also, the choice of using communication mode is not the same for every employee. Some employees may love to use emails. Some may prefer to make a call. There are many recommendations out there, but what matters is the consistency and the one which your team buys.

Choose the communication medium to which all employees are agreed. You can include calls for standups once in 9 days and use emails to schedule work for a month.

The situation of all remote teams may not be the same all the time. So, it is required to research your work and team members. Implement the created policies and see the output. Just make sure that your team members follow these policies to yield strong communication with improved remote work.


Most of the companies yield high productivity during remote staff management. But when it comes to scheduling, there are few hiccups.

There must be employees who work in different time zones. It becomes difficult for the employers to chat with those employees in a coordinated time. Also, if some changes in the schedule need to get updated, it becomes too late for them to respond.


It is not mandatory for employees working in an organization that might speak the same language or culture. It is the responsibility of the employers to know their staff and navigate the differences to avoid conflicts and take benefits of global staff management.

Also, it will create a strong bond between the employees and the employers that will take the organization on the path of success.


Daily communications and face-to-face interactions can automatically create a strong bond between the employees and employers. But when the employees are working remotely, you cannot take this advantage. Not only trust issues, but there will also be miscommunications, misunderstandings, and cohesion between the employees and the employers.


For more engagement and high productivity among your employees, you have to create a positive company culture. But if your remote employees feel like there are separations and groups in the organization, it will create a conflict.

Using negative language for the employees working from remote places can create severe cohesion will occur between them.

When you lack in company culture, this means you lack in comradery. Also, there is no platform for feedback and appreciation.



There are many ways with which you can overcome communication issues. A few of them are:


As an employer, keep your calendar updated. Update social media status to all your social media channels and rough out the date in your unavailability. You can even set a date when you will remain all day free for your employees so that they can reach you anytime. But make sure to keep them informed about the happenings.

You can also expect this from your employees. They should also rough out the date when they are not at work or inform you before time. They should also keep their calendar updated.


There are many communication channels in an organization like one-to-one chats, meetings, and forums for new ideas and feedback. The employees should be aware of how to use and when to use these channels. Check-in regularly to make your employees realize that you are reachable to them anytime and worried about their welfare.

Make your needs clear to your employees. Spell what you want. If you want them to get available at a particular time and channel, then make them aware of it.


Out of many, use a single communication app for a particular purpose. For example, if you want to organize a meeting, you can use google meet and inform all the employees to report on time. For an important announcement, you can send emails. Just make sure that all your employees must download the apps and must know how to use them.


Employees must not feel that you are communicating with them only at the time of crisis or if they must be present at some part. Make it a two-way communication.

The employees must be able to reach you at any time. Similarly, you must contact them at any time you want. You should encourage them to share their new ideas, feedback, and thoughts with their employers to feel as if they are valued. You should also appreciate them for their work.


When you want to have a conference call or an online meeting, select a time comfortable for all employees. If there are employees from different zones, you can record the call or conference meeting to make it easier for employees to watch everything even when they are not available with the employers.

For more clarity, you can encourage the employees to have a feedback session after the meeting to share their thoughts with the employers and improve their work process.

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Management 101: How To Use A Social Media Content Calendar


The most effective way to stay connected with your employees is to do team-building activities for the employees working from home. But do not forget to ask your remote workers to mention their location and culture to help other employees and employers understand each other and create a strong bond.


During remote staff management, knowing how your employees are performing every sec is difficult. The customers will never come and say that your staff members are not scheduling meetings and do not fulfill their needs. So, what to do?

The only way is to make a clear vision of the goals to get achieved on a deadline. The employees should know the expectations of the organizations and what should be the face of the end product. Create a system to identify the performance of your employees and point out the faults of your employees.

It will increase their confidence and speed of work where the company will achieve great results. Keep your employees engaged with fewer distractions. You can also use an employee monitoring tool to boost their productivity and sincerity. We will talk about this software tool later in this blog.


Remote work can have many issues. As an employer, fix the problems as soon as possible. Provide regular feedback to improve your employees and make them the most productive employee.

It can offer flexibility and trust between the employees. You can sometimes make a conference video call to add a little spice to your trust factor rather than making a call or sending an email.


It is the dream of every employee to get good feedback and appreciation from their employers. As an employer, try to improve the work efficiency of your employees and appreciate them for their work. It increases the confidence and eagerness to work in a better way. It is also a secret way to boost employee productivity because when employees are happy, they become more productive.

Want to know how happy employees are more productive. Click on this link to read more.


07 Reasons Why Happy Employees Are Productive Employees

As we have discussed the challenges and solutions for the staff management process, let us now come where we can get an all-in-one solution for all the above problems. While rolling through this blog, there is one common point that is difficulties faced by employers during remote work.

I have a quick solution to know what your employees are doing, how they are performing, and when the productive employees sit idle without any work. Yes, you are right. I am talking about staff management software.

Staff management or employee monitoring software is to track the work of remote employees. There are many employee monitoring software available in the market out there.

It will be a difficult task for an employer to choose one that will suit the organization. So, I have one of the best monitoring software to trust blindly and take its benefits.


EmpMonitor is an employee monitoring software to manage and monitor remote employees from a single dashboard. It gets to handle all the systems of your organization from a centralized location. You can track and manage the activities of your remote employees during their productivity hours.

With EmpMonitor, you can improve the productivity of your employees, your business, and overall operation with its various functionalities.


Using EmpMonitor is easy. You have to log in with your account credentials. Add employees and set up their roles. Now relax and track your employees with complete visibility and control over all the activities.


  • Productivity Reports:

Want to know what your employees are doing during their working hours? EmpMonitor provides Detailed reports on the working of the employees during their productive hours.

  • Real-time Screenshots:

When you suspect any of your employees, capture the screenshots of their screen every 15 seconds. EmpMonitor automatically captures screenshots at regular intervals set by the owner.

  • Productivity Analysis & Measurement:

Want to know how productive your employees are? It is easy with EmpMonitor. It measures the productivity of the employees, individuals with a detailed report.

  • Web & App Usage Reports:

Employees cannot misuse the internet access and download apps that can cause damage to the existing files on the systems. EmpMonitor tracks the browsing history and applications used by the employees during their paid hours.

  • Detailed Timesheet:

What was the time taken by the employees to complete a single task? With EmpMonitor, you can track the time spent by the employees on a particular project. Isn’t this interesting? There are more features.

  • Currently active users:

Want to know which of your employees are working currently? EmpMonitor gives you reports about the employees who are working currently.

  • Dashboard:

An intuitive dashboard of EmpMonitor will help you monitor and manage your employees from a centralized location.

  • Department wise report:

To avoid confusion, EmpMonitor provides you detailed reports of your employees and their work according to their department.

  • Report on downloads:

Employees use the internet and download things during their work. You can get a detailed report on those downloads so that you can avoid malicious downloads intentionally or unintentionally done by your employees.

  • Employee details:

You can also get employee details and their working locations through EmpMonitor.

  • Employee work details with the screenshot:

How your employees are working and on which tasks your employees are currently working, these all information you can get from EmpMonitor.

What are you up to? Want to continue with the old monitoring tools or adopt EmpMonitor with updated features that will make your remote work even better.

As an employer, you decide to choose the best for your organization. Think about your employees and select the right one.


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In this world full of technology, nothing is impossible. In previous years, fewer employees were working that was easy for the employers to watch their activities.

But nowadays, the corporate world has increased to millions of employees where going to each employees’ desk and watching their work is not possible. So, we can take the help of employee monitoring software that will help you in remote work and staff management.

As an employer, the problems faced during remote staff management can get solved with the solutions discussed in the blog. With these solutions, maintain your remote workforce.

I hope you like this article. If you have any queries or want to add something to make this blog more valuable, frame your voice in words and reach me through this comment box. I would love to hear from you!

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