Top 06 Prominent Employee Monitoring Software Of Current Times


Top Features of EmpMonitor

Automatic Screenshots


Quick overview of core Features of SentryPC

  1. Real-time monitoring
  2. Cloud control.
  3. Compatibility with devices like Mac.
  4. Timely alerts & notifications.
  5. Frequent updates.
  6. Performance charts for better management.

Spyrix Employee Monitoring

Time Doctor

A brief glimpse of its key features

  1. Tracking chats
  2. Screenshots
  3. Tracking productivity time
  4. Attendance monitoring
  5. Webcam operation
  6. Tracking on-going projects and time required in it.
  7. Determine project status.
  8. Websites and application monitoring.

Pricing & Package:-

  1. Employee Monitoring package- $4/month
  2. Time tracking- $6/month
  3. Auto Time Charting-$12/month
  4. Enterprise Plan- coming soon
  5. Together with Work plus, tardiness of employees’ can be eliminated


  1. Capture Screenshots
  2. Track and measure the interaction of websites
  3. Email management
  4. Tracking apps and usage duration
  5. Keystroke activities
  6. Usage of USB and other attachments
  7. Web history
  8. File transfer activities
  9. Data for internet practice

Final Conclusion

Do you still have the question in mind- what’s the best employee monitoring software? This decision underlies very much on what exactly your business requires. Besides that, we have compiled this integral list to help out organizations,c consisting of small & leading firms.

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