Communication — the human connection — is the key to personal and career success.

Paul J. Meyer

There is a famous saying that communication is the key to success. And there is no doubt that every business owner believes in it. We also believe that the world has come closer today just because of effective communication.

Again we have a diversified culture in our community, and it is more interesting to find that employees have started accepting it. They are more into learning new languages and getting involved in other cultures. And cross-culture is not a brand-new term. Hence, today each of us speaks more than one language and is comfortable with it.


When your business is widespread, communication can become a tough job. It is not just for the employees also for the clients to understand your perspective. Hence, you have to always be careful at choosing the right words to convey your thoughts.

Have you ever thought of hiring employees from various countries around the world? If not then you must get started with it. It will gradually enhance the look and feel of your business. In this way, you can hire employees with multiple skills, learning, and, of course, from different cultural backgrounds.

How does this help? It will be beneficial because the employees can train their team members with the skills they acquire and have cross-cultural communication. It will give rise to more innovative ideas while working, thus skyrocketing the productivity of your company.

But there is only one barrier or disadvantage in working or hiring employees from multiple countries. And it is communication. If English is not their preferred language, then communication can become a little daunting. And in those cases, everything might get delayed just because of improper translation.

If the team members become unable to interact with each other accurately, they might clash in thoughts and end up with no results. And the employers will be struggling to fill the gaps between the varied cultures. But there is a solution to every problem. Hence, here we have figured out some strategies to help you avoid this situation at your workplace.


Employees in various countries acquire different cultures, and they usually have multiple forms of business protocols. Hence it is necessary to learn the culture of the countries from which you are hiring employees. It will help you not to fall into any trouble.


In some working cultures, employers and employees take their office hours seriously. And they strive to accomplish their tasks on time. They try to complete as much portion of their projects as possible within the stipulated period. If they have an appointment or any meetings to attend, they make sure to be on time. Being late can be offensive for them, and they do not accept this behavior as they expect the same from everyone.


Wearing appropriate outfits in the traditional workplace is a must. But if you are hiring employees from different countries, ensure to mention the proper form of dressing. In some countries, a collared shirt and khaki pants get considered to be perfect for the office. But it is not the same in all places. Some work culture might recognize it as underdressed.


In some companies, employers and employees believe it is good to get physically engaged with the employees. Making eye contact while speaking or shaking hands for appreciation or greeting get considered to be a generous sign. But in some countries, they believe in maintaining a distance and avoiding physical contact. In either of the cases, it is not offensive. But you have to make things clear for the entire team.


It is pretty reasonable for some companies to gift their employees during an occasion or for celebration. And they can also refuse it rather than just accepting it for the sake of the employers. But in other work cultures, it is not that common. And it also might become offensive if the employers present wrapped gifts to some particular employees.


Some countries believe in empowering their employees to speak up if they face any issues. They can also question the authority if they feel they are getting misguided. But others do not follow this pattern. They think receiving criticism from the employees can get them into trouble.


If an employee is willing to work for your company, they need to know some essential phrases of your language. It is not necessary and not even practical to ask someone to learn a new language all of a sudden. But if you are looking forward to hiring these employees, ask them to know about the basics. Hence they can easily accept the new terms utilized in the industry.

The employers can also start learning the languages of a particular country if they get a maximum of employees from there. Hence, the entire process will become a little uncomplicated and easygoing at the same time. And this will also enhance the mutual understanding and respect for each other’s language and work culture.

It will add more value to the efforts you put into getting involved with their work culture. Again if both employers and employees do the same, the workplace will have a healthy environment.


When you have an employee from different countries, you will have various time zones. And they will have separate day and night cycles. So whenever there is an emergency, or you need to discuss something with the entire team, it will be nearly impossible. Again, if you do not pass on the information correctly, there will be a communication gap between all the employees.

Hence, employers need to manage all these situations right from the beginning. They need to figure out what is to get done when an emergency arrives. Which employees should be available to respond to the queries and address them? Again if the information has to get transmitted, how can the employers do that? Once you answer all these questions, you will be good to go.

For this, you can start using employee monitoring software. With EmpMonitor, you can manage all your employees at the same place. It has got some extraordinary features to help you with all the queries.

When you are navigating through the EmpMonitor dashboard, you will find an option saying role-based access. Here the employers can mention the project name and the position and task assigned to the employees with the employee’s name. It just made half of your job easier.

Next, you can only mention the areas you wish to monitor, such as keystrokes, web and app usage, productivity, etc. You will receive a detailed report of each of these and check if your employees are working appropriately. You can keep an eye on the tasks accomplished by them and what part is left to get addressed. Even if you and your employees are in different shifts, you do not have to bother them for the updates. Everything will get mentioned in the records.

Again if any emergency arrives, you do not have to go asking if anyone is available. With EmpMonitor, you can check the login and log out the time of your employees. Hence, you can quickly assign someone to address the issues if he/she is active at a particular time.

We introduced EmpMonitor because the tool can assist you with all your employee monitoring needs. And manage the remote employees working from any corner of the world. Again, your employees will never know that they are getting monitored as it works in a stealth mode. If you are looking for an employee tracking solution, here is the best tool you can have. Do not forget to give it a try.

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Every work culture in this world is different, But if you are looking forward to having a variety of skills and knowledge in your company, you have to do the research. You need to recognize and resolve all the barriers that arise while communicating with your employees. Identify the key points that will encourage all the team members to work efficiently to achieve the long-term goals.

By accepting these tactics, you can enhance the way of receiving and respecting all the work cultures. Create a better opportunity for skillful employees to join hands with you and help you achieve your company objectives.

I hope the article helped you know about cross-cultural communication. Is there something that we can incorporate? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!

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