After the surge of the COVID 19 pandemic around the world, many businesses have shifted to remote work. And it’s the same for the legal industry as well.

Many law firm leaders have scrambled to adapt to the hybrid work environment and let their employees work remotely from their homes. And in the near future, we might see this new work culture stay for longer.

In fact, through various surveys conducted by different law firms, we have got the data showing how many employees working in the legal industry want to return to their office work. And the results are astonishing! Most employees are not yet prepared to work in the office, as there is still a panic situation somewhere lurking around the corner.

Therefore now, it has become important for law firms to provide a secure work environment to their employees. In the current situation with the limited space around, it’s still not possible to work in office without denying the social distancing norm.

So, in this article, we have discussed — why most law firms around the world want to continue working virtually for the time being.


From last year’s experience, law firms have noticed that employees can work agile, even when working from home. All the more with a bit more flexibility in the work pattern, it has become easier for employees to balance their work life more efficiently. Let’s know more about such benefits of remote work in the legal industry.


If you see the current scenario, it is still not possible for law firms to start office work. With social distancing norms, there is a shortage of workspace where employees can work freely without having any safety concerns. Of course, employees’ well-being should be the priority for every organization. The ability to work from home brings them the comfort of working in a secure work environment where they can efficiently balance out their personal and professional interests.


Thanks to the flexible work environment in law firms, employees can efficiently manage their work time and complete their tasks ahead of deadlines. We have also noticed that with remote working options, employees can be more productive with their work. It gives them the ability to plan and customize their work hours, depending on their preferred work schedule. So, they can be more effective in balancing out the time between their personal and professional needs.


Usually, in the law industry, employees may also have to commute to different cities depending on their clients’ requests. Traveling such long distances puts extra physical and mental stress, which can be simply avoidable with the hybrid workforce. Moreover, it also helps them reduce their commute expenses since they can manage to do most of their tasks from home. On the other hand, if you see it from an employer’s perspective, hybrid work culture also reduces the expenditure on industrial infrastructure and maintenance costs.


By letting employees work remotely, such law firms are also showing their intent of trust towards their employees. And because of that employees are also honest about their work and trying to give out their best for the business.

With all such benefits of the hybrid work environment, law companies are considering it to continue for some more time. In fact some leading experts also believe that this hybrid model of work culture seems to be the future of the law industry.


The hybrid work pattern gives employees a choice where they have the flexibility to work from anywhere they want. It means that even while keeping the office work culture alive, lawyers do not really need to come to the office. As per their preferences, they can also do their work from home. Earlier, even those law firms who were not in favor of remote work are now considering hybrid models in their industry. Going by the facts and figures, before the pandemic, only 37% of law firm’s employees wanted to work remotely. But now, more than 76% of them are in favor of remote work.

If you see that female population, there has been huge satisfaction because of the new remote work pattern, especially because most of the working women have so many responsibilities to manage. They have to do household chores, child care, and many other things in their life. In the survey, compared to male employees, more female employees believe that this hybrid work model has really improved their work experiences.


With all the positives to the hybrid work environment- (employee well-being, work-life balance, reduction in commute time and expenses, and better work engagement), there are also some challenges. In a recent event of CLOC, Mr. David Wilkins, Professor at Harvard Law University, said about the danger of employee burnouts due to working remotely in isolation. Being a social animal, working alone seems to be a very difficult task, especially for law practitioners. Though technology is helping us to connect with each other, it simply can’t replace the water cooler chats of the workplace.

Therefore, we suggest you to use remote monitoring software (like EmpMonitor) that can help you to enhance employee responsibility and transparency in your business. The EmpMonitor software gives you the ability to know whether your employees are engaged in their work activities or doing something else. With better work transparency, it becomes easier for law firms to motivate their employees so they can be even more efficient and effective in their work.


By the things that are happening now, we may assume that remote work culture can be the new future of the law industry. But somewhere around the corner, people are also missing their office work life. Not to mention that with a hybrid work model there is enough flexibility for employees to examine how the new method can be adjusted according to their comfort zone.


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Like any other industry, law firms have also taken a huge blow because of COVID 19 pandemic. However, still using the technology, they are responding to the situation in a better way.

So what do you think about hybrid work practices in law firms? Please tell us in the comments section given below.

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