Harassment is internal violence at the workplace, and this troublemaker is on the payroll.

In this competitive business world, a company always strives to be on the top with skillful, proactive, and productive employees but do you ever look back and talk about workplace bullying or workplace harassment with them regularly?

Do you keep checking if the working environment is peaceful and healthy enough for all the employees working in your team? Maybe the answer is a big No!

And the reason is most employers end up thinking that hiring proficient employees would not lead to these mishappenings in the workplace. But at times, they are wrong. Still, some employees keep experiencing the harassment but are skeptical regarding opening up about the same.

Let us find out more.


Workplace harassment is pretty common in many traditional workplaces, but all of these remain unspoken. But this gradually makes an unhealthy workplace for those employees. And some workers do not recognize getting dominated; hence, their cases go unreported.

Again you must have experienced or heard of hostile environments for which employees leave the company? Did you enquire about how they land in this isolated situation? Is there something that kept bothering them for a while?

The significant asset of an organization is its employees. Hence, keeping them in disrupting an unhealthy working environment can harm your business productivity, associations, and reliability.

Therefore, as an employer or manager, it is necessary to maintain the decorum of the office and exercise zero tolerance if any such incident happens to ensure the company’s growth.

So, in this article, we will be looking at workplace harassment, in what parts is it segregated, and how you can help your employees to speak out about the same rather than suppressing them.


Workplace bullying or harassment happens when an employee or a group gets threatened or downgraded by their co-workers. And the significant purpose of this oppressor is to make the employee feel self-conscious and uncomfortable at the workplace.

Workplace mobbing is certainly not aimed at a single group of employees. There are different segregations which include women, minority communities, differently-abled groups, or immigrants.


Workplace bullying does not have any substantial evidence, but in some companies, it still exists. So, according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), mobbing includes cracking insulting jokes, intimidating, allegations, taunting, assaulting pictures or videos, and obstruction while working.

Bullying at the workplace is of different types such as verbal, psychological disturbance, physical abuse, emotional and more.

Let us now look at these workplace harassment in-depth and how your employees can recognize them.


The employees facing verbal pressure often walk through a battle that disturbs their mental health altogether. Not just that, if they are facing these issues for long, it also ends up affecting their career growth.

So, to recognize verbal harassment, you have to keep an eye if the employees are getting attacked by defaming accusations, impertinent actions, and groundless criticisms in the workplace.

As this is non-physical workplace bullying, managers and higher authorities must remain alert to such behaviors and mishappenings in the organization.


Psychological and verbal harassment are somewhat similar. But psychological bullying can be more challenging for employees facing it because it can include tactics, such as delaying information. These employees undergo lowered self-confidence, mental disturbances and consider themselves weak.

You can recognize this behavior if you see any employee is suppressing their co-workers. Such as by taking all the credits for their work or asking for too much, which is nearly impossible to achieve, imposing impractical deadlines, or asking them to work something which is not relevant to their job description.


The corporate world is developing with technology. Hence, digital mobbing or cyberbullying is visible in some organizations. Even if it is happening online, it builds a negative remark on an employee’s mental health.

Cyberbullying includes sharing threatening posts, defaming comments, creating fake profiles to bully a particular co-worker, and also putting false accusations to trouble the person online.

Using social media is a fun thing, but bullying co-workers by creating fake profiles under free speech is not at all acceptable. Above all, there is good news for the employees as they can screenshot or save the incidents if they face any of these and can report them to the higher authorities with proof.


Workplace harassment at times goes unreported, but when the employees are working remotely, it is easier for the employees to recognize any sort of disturbances or cyberbullying they are facing through an employee monitoring software.

EmpMonitor is one of the best employee tracking tools which works in the stealth mode behind the computer screens of the employee’s workstation and provides you with a detailed report. So, you can keep an eye on the productivity and also check if they are getting into any harassment or bullying situations.

So, let us now look at the most extraordinary features of EmpMonitor:

Productivity Reports: With EmpMonitor’s detailed productivity report, you can check if the employees are involved in productive or unproductive activities. Hence, if you find any employee remaining unproductive for a certain period, you can talk to them and know if anything is disturbing them.

Screenshot Monitoring: EmpMonitor captures screenshots during random intervals throughout the working hours. So, if any of the employees are getting into cyberbullying, the employers can straightaway check them out with the screenshots and take necessary actions.

Website And Application Usage Tracking: With EmpMonitor, you can also receive a detailed insight into the websites and applications used by the employees. You can mark the productive and unproductive sites and apps to make sure your employees do not fall into any trap.

Keystroke Logging: EmpMonitor has an impressive feature with which it can record the keypunches of the employee’s workstation. So, if you find anything irrelevant in the reports, you can straightaway question the employee about the same.

Attendance Monitoring: You can also mark the clock in and clock out the time of the employees through EmpMonitor, and you need not invest in any other attendance monitoring tool.

Cloud-Based Storage: EmpMonitor has cloud-based storage, which keeps the data safe for 180 days. Hence, you can check them whenever required.

And the best part is all of these come up with a pretty reasonable pricing plan and a 15-days free trial!


Some organizations have precise anti-harassment policies to deal with these situations, while in small companies, it is not the scenario. Hence, we have listed down a few steps which employers must take to stop mobbing at the workplace.

1. Try having a one-to-one discussion with the oppressor and understand why they have landed in such a situation with the particular employee. Understand their state of mind, try providing them solutions and make sure they do not repeat it.

2. But if you find the bully holds a leadership post in your organization, take the matter to the administration with proofs like screenshots, downloaded emails, or so and try to resolve the concern.

3. Lastly, if you think you cannot provide the best solution to any harassment incident, seek help from EEOC. They will handle the case impartially and help you fix the issue maintaining all the laws and orders.

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A bully-free, lively and decisive workplace keeps negativity far away and encourages increased employee productivity and engagement. Hence, you should make sure that your organization is free of oppressors, and even if any such situation arises, employees are comfortable enough to speak about it.

I hope the article helped you know more about workplace harassment. Is there something that we can incorporate? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!

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